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Work & Clients

Image boosting services that help you stand out.

Meet the Owner:

Katie Wagner

Owner & Creative Mind

What We Believe


We are open minded about what you need and flexible with how to make things work best for YOU. We are not a large corporate entity and therefore do not share the large corporate ideals. We believe in fair, reasonable pricing (because we're a small business too!). We do not pass projects on to 5 different individuals, and there is never, ever a middle man. We are hands on from start to finish.

What We Do


We are creative minds and jacks-of-all-trades here to help small businesses like yours create a brand, an image, and boost social awareness of your products and services. Humans are visual creatures, and now, more than ever before, having an impactful image right away is extremely important when it comes to obtaining and retaining customers and clients.

We can help you from start to finish (if this is what you need!) or help you to spruce up what you already have. Whether you need graphic design services such as online or print materials, audio design services for commercials or podcasts, or video production for your website or clients, we are her to help! Did we even mention that we are great at creating web content for your website or social media sites? Learn more....

Who We Are


We are talented, creative individuals. We are Moms, Dads, Husbands, Wives & Entrepreneurs. We are Musicians, Writers, Yogis and A-Type Personalities and utilizing our talents and experiences to help others is what we LOVE.

Our Reviews.

"Katie Wagner designed our website and then

recently gave us a website "facelift".  Working

with Katie has been simple and she has been spot on

with what we wanted and needed!  Her knowledge, creativity and expertise has given us a spectacular website that is reaching many across the internet!  I would highly recommend her to design, consult and educate you with the knowledge you need to get your business seen."  


Angie Yanikov

Talus- A Therapeutic Salon

"Sing2Me Multimedia Designs was absolutely awesome! They were able to take a simple sketch on a piece of paper and bring the vision of our CD Cover to life in a very short period of time."


William Howard

Swing City Recording Enterprises Inc.

"Katie's design was immediately perfect. End of story. Hire Her."  


Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn Music Company

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